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Domain Registartion


Domain Registration

Domain names help audiences discover your content and hear your message.

Domain Transfers


Domain Transfers

We can handle your request to transfer your domain to us as easy as a few clicks.

Domain Renewals


Domain Renewals

We always ensure your receive renewal notices from us so you don't lose your domain.

A selection of Additional Domain Services are also available

The following addons are available for purchase and can be used with any top level domain

Privacy Protection

ID Protect reduces spam. In your cloaked Whois information, we provide a proxy email address that changes several times a year. Keeping you protected.

DNS Management

We make managing your domain easy with our easy to use control panel. You will have access to your domain at all times giving you full control over how it is managed.

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding is simply our automatic email forwarding service. People address email to your mailbox at your domain name, and we forward it to your "real" email address.

Price list for all All Top Level Domains we currently sell

Below is a comprehensive list of all TLDs we sell including their annual respective registration, transfer and renewal fees

Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name tells the world who you are and what you do. Search for a name, word, or phrase above and we’ll help you find the perfect domain name to own your piece of the internet.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

Submit Your Questions

The domain is unlocked.

The domain name has NOT been newly registered in the past 60 days.

Make sure the domain is eligible for transfer from your current registrar.

We send emails to the registrant and administrative contact as listed in the domain's WHOIS. Make sure that's you!

Unfortunately once your domain has been registered we are unable to offer any refunds as thats what we charge you for, Please ensure that the spelling of your domain is correct before submitting your order to us.

We are unable to provide any trials when it comes to domain registrations.

We know that you want your information to be private and protected. That said, as your domain registrar, Host Bunker is required by international rules to collect several pieces of personal information and store them in a public file called a WHOIS record. It includes your name and contact info (but NOT any financial data).

When your domain is covered by ID Protect, we replace the personal identifying information in your Whois record with generic contact information. No third-party marketers will be able to see your information, so no junk mail or phone calls will come directly to you as a result of the information we collect.

ID Protect must be added to each domain you register. While many top-level domains support ID Protect, not all do. When you go to check out a domain, add ID Protect to the domain and we’ll let you know if that domain is eligible for the service. You can also add ID Protect to domains you’ve already registered

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