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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you WISECP's authorized reseller?

Yes, Host Bunker is an official reseller authorized by WISECP. If you want to confirm this, you can contact www.wisecp.com

Can I change my license information?

You can change your domain license information free and instantaneously through your customer panel at any time.

I'm using WHMCS, can I switch to WiseCP?

Of course you can. In order to upgrade from WHMCS to WiseP, you can easily do this process in seconds without any data loss, with our specially developed transfer tool. For more information, please click here.

Are updates / upgrades paid for?

In all license types, updates are offered for free for life. When a new version is announced, you will not pay any fees for it.

Do I have to pay anything other than the license fee?

No need. You do not pay anything other than the license fee.

Do you give technical support?

Of course. You can get technical support at any time for the system's standard operation or if any problems are detected.

Do you make additional modules, plugins and features?

In such matters, we look at our workload and the demand, and we will inform you. Please contact us for your requests.

Can I host on my own server?

Of course. This is possible if you have a server with the standard features that the software needs to run. For detailed information about minimum server requirements, please click here.

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