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Host Bunker is a hosting provider but with an up to date approach, providing a personal and first class service to all of our clients ensuring they get the service they deserve.

We understand you should have a fast and reliable service for your hosting service and know there always online and not some of the time.

Our experts are available 7 days a week by through support ticket, live chat & by phone for those times when you need help.

Whether you need help with server assistance, registration of domains, transferring domain and websites, hosting related issues, control panel guidance we are here to assist you!

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Host Bunker's Features

Feature One

Around The Clock Security

One of our highest priorities is to provide security for customer's data. All data centers are surrounded with a gated perimeter fence with CCTV surveillance. Access to any facility requires photo identification. Each of our facilities is staffed by security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Security within the data center is heavily restricted to specific floors, rooms, and cages that the individual should only have access to. Each floor and room requires a keycard and biometric verification.

Maximum Performance

Our hosting platform leverages the latest technologies in caching and performance tuning, storage and service configuration to provide super-fast hosting for our clients.

Feature Two
Feature Three

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

We do not charge a fee for using Let's Encrypt to install certificates. Let's Encrypt provide two types of certificates. The standard single domain SSL and the Wildcard SSL, which covers not only a single domain, but all of its subdomains too. Both types of SSL certificates are issued for a period of 90 days, and on our servers when installed via our tools they are renewed automatically. These certificates are domain-validated, don't require a dedicated IP and are supported on all of our cPanel & Plesk hosting platforms. So give it a go today and get your websites protected today.

Server Management

Our skilled server administrators are available 24/7 - 365 days. Do you need assistance on your server? Are you unsure how to install or maintain cPanel or need to install a module? Our skilled engineers are available around the clock to accomplish any server administration task on your servers for you. We also include 24 x 7 x 365 non stop monitoring for your cPanel servers. So if they ever go down you will know about it.

Feature Four

We Are Confident

We pride ourselves on easy to understand hosting services followed by clear pricing. we also have a variety of other great benefits

99.99% Network

Uptime Guarantee

100% Comitted To

Our Customers

100% Confident In

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Our Services

UK Based

Web hosting services are the foundation on which all websites are built. No matter whether you're Google, a medium-sized business or a local taxi firm, if you want an online presence then you're going to need web hosting of some kind - and that's why we provide UK hosting services.

So if you’re hosting a website or for eg; applications, databases, files, mail and want it based in the UK then it makes sense to ensure your hosting provider is also in the UK just like us.


Website Security & Data Protection

SSL certificates protect the transmission of user sensitive information and give consumers more confidence when purchasing from an online vendor

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard up to 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn't be easier and is usually handled with just a standard email. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name.

Multi-Domain and Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) protect all sorts of different fully qualified domain names (FQDNs): public ID addresses, private host names, IP addresses and other subject alternative names (SANs) with one simple solution. Rather than buying an individual SSL certificate for each and every domain you control, this SSL is a cost-effective alternative that simplifies the validation process, saves you money, and offers the encryption you require.

Organization Validated certificates, or OV certificates, are a type of SSL technology that offers up to 256-bit encryption to websites of businesses and other registered organizations. The difference between OV certificates and domain validated (DV) certificates is that a little extra vetting is required to confirm that you not only own your domain but that your organization is also legit. But don't fret! So long as your business is registered, the validation process isn't a problem. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days and you'll be all set.

In the world of SSL/TLS, Extended Validation SSL certificates are the gold standard, or maybe we can call it the "green" standard. This complete SSL solution not only encrypts your website, safely protecting user information from prying eyes, but it also comes with a variety of extra premium features that have proven to boost trust & clearly demonstrate that you are, in fact, someone safe to do business with. The main way EV certs do this is by way of what we call the green address bar! Granted, the only thing green about the EV address bar nowadays is the font. But the name just kind of stuck.

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Find out what real customers are saying

Leaving reviews are important to us as this tells us what we can achieve better as a company and what services we can improve on.

We like our customers to see how we are as a company which also allows existing clients to tell others what they think and how we are doing.

To view all of our testimonials simply click the image above, Trustpilot is a well known impartial review portal where customers can leave honest feedback on our services. We continually review this feedback to improve our services.

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